Miguel Angel Rojas
Miguel Angel Rojas
Restless human being, in a continuous journey of research to get the best version of myself.
I hope it never ends.

Iam truly passionate about the value and impact of technology on people. Lifelong learner, forward-thinker and versatile senior IT executive with broad international experience in multiple industries. I’ve been supporting, transforming and leading organizations forward in their digital journeys over the last 25 years.

I have a unique ability to bridge the communication gap that often exists between the technology side and the business side, translating strategies, needs, and complex concepts into actionable business-outcome capabilities. In-depth understanding of the IT industry, the business value of IT, and of how information and technology should be leveraged to maximize their effect on organization’s goals.

Being the champion of Spain in public speaking, I have excellent relationship and communication skills. Proven experience working with and influencing C-level executives. Leading and managing ambiguous situations.

Avid researcher and recognized for envisioning future trends, I am also a professional speaker at events related to technologies and how these impact our society and organizations’ business models.

I love to be surrounded by people who are able to show me new insights and bring different points of view, so don’t hesitate to contact me for any advice as I am always willing to collaborate on any interesting project!

  • Business & IT Strategy

  • Digital Transformation

  • Business & Culture Change

  • Innovation Leadership & Management

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Emerging Trends